4th International

Test Hackathon


October 8th 2019, Tuesday

Test Hackathon: #ContinuousTesting

Test Hackathon is the first online and offline combined software test hackathon event organized by Keytorc.
In its 4th year, our theme is Continuous Testing and the fun is non-stop, again.
Gather your team, submit your application, qualify for the finals, code hard and get awards!

International Judges

International Participation

Online + Offline Action

Prizes & Gifts

Dates to Remember

Entries Open

September 9th, Monday

Last Day of Submission

September 20th, Friday

Announce of Hackathon Finalists

September 30th, Monday

Hackathon Day

October 8th, Tuesday
Between 09:00 - 21:00

Register Now!

Entries will be open until September 20th


Team Specs

– Teams can have 2-4 members,
– Team members could be professionals, students or enthusiasts,
– No age restriction,
– English is the common-language in the event.

Hackathon Day: Schedule

– Door opens at 9:00
– Happens between 10:00 and 15:00
– Judge presentations between 15:00 and 18:00
– Awards will be delivered after the event: Keytorc TestTalks

Hackathon Day: Venue Facilities

– Complimentary light foods and drinks during day
– Bathrooms, smoking, resting areas
– Electricity, basic internet connection
– 1 Desk and 4 chairs per team

Hackathon Day: Technical

– No limitation for preferred coding languages.
– No limitation for preferred CI server.
– No limitation for any DevOps Tool.
– Teams can use Selenium Webdriver or preferred similar ones.
– Team Keytorc will be at Hackathon venue to clarify things that are not fully understood.
– Teams will use Github to submit their work.




Simply apply by indicating the name of your team and introducing team members.

Conceptual Assessment

Respond a few conceptual question which will be evaluated by the Judges.

Hackathon Day

If you've collected enough points, you'll be at Hackathon Day as one of the teams.
Inspect and analyze test subject, test cases and develop test automation codes.
Present your code and approach to Judges.

TestTalks Event and Awards Ceremony

Be prepared for surprises.
Join TestTalks:Test Automation crowd which will vote teams.
Listen TestTalks speakers during vote counting.
See Awards Ceremony and receive your gifts & prizes.


Alexei Vinogradov

Test Automation Engineer

Joel Oliveira

Software Testing & Quality Assurance Evangelist

Roland Leusden

Performance Architect

Kadir Herkiloğlu

Test Division Manager

Ömürden Cengiz

QA Lead

Okan Ünverdi


Onur Başkırt

Manager of Software Test Team

Berk Dülger

Test Services Manager

Mehmet Gök

Test Lead

Ümran Yalın

Internet and Mobile Applications Analysis Manager

Göktürk Erdoğan

Architect, Corp. IT Architecture & App. Development

Duygu Onaral

Test Team Lead

Want to be one?
Apply Now

Prizes & Gifts

Sure there will be prizes and gifts.
Some of them are quite special and only for the winners, and some for all the hackathon finalists.

Prepare for the surprise gifts!
Conference tickets, books, badges and more.


Co-11, Istanbul

Co-11 is offering great energy, high motivation and efficiency for both individuals and groups at the same time.

More About Venue


What is the schedule of Hackathon Day?

Hackathon will happen between 09:00 and 18:00
– Onboarding and general briefing
– Test subject declaration
– Development begins
– After development phase, teams will present their codes to judges.
– Judges evaluates the outputs.
– Results will be declared at open community Keytorc TestTalks event which will take place afterwards.

What is Conceptual Assessment?

– Judges need to understand teams’ backgrounds and motivations about test automation. They are also curious about team members’ soft-skills.
– Conceptual Assessment questions is the ultimate way to impress the judges upfront, and get the ticket to attend Hackathon Day.
– Assessment will be handled by an online survey tool, which will be declared.

What type of an application’s tests are to be tested at Hackathon Day?

– It will be a web application to be tested.
– The application will be declared in the beginning of Hackathon Day.

Which coding languages are allowed to be used?

– Teams are able to use Java, C#, Python or Ruby or any other language that they feel comfortable.

Which DevOps tools or test automation tools are allowed to be used?

– Teams can use preferred DevOps tools, CI Servers, Selenium Webdriver, SahiPro, RobotFramework, Cucumber or any other tool that they may prefer.

Will teams meet with Judges before the Hackathon Day?

No, they will meet at code presentation phase at Hackathon Day.

Will be any restrictions about tasks at Hackathon?

There will be no restrictions about tasks. Teams are able to establish additional functions such as cloud integration or continuous integration within their time.

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